World Wildlife Enterprises claims rightful ownership of the WWE acronym.

World Wrestling Entertainment may be forced to change its name if a nature conservation organization wins a copyright dispute over the acronym “WWE.”

A legal battle is expected to play out in a Connecticut courtroom this week between the sports entertainment company and World Wildlife Enterprises, with both sides claiming rightful ownership of the abbreviation.

Wrestling mogul Vince McMahon has reportedly hired top-flight legal counsel, as sources close to McMahon say he is unwilling to relinquish his company’s name to yet another wildlife protection group.

Just over a decade ago, the World Wrestling Federation changing its name to World Wrestling Entertainment in order to assuage grievances filed by the World Wildlife Fund over rights to the WWF acronym.

One source close to McMahon, who spoke to Kayfabe News on condition of anonymity, said the wrestling honcho is still bitter over that case and “often talks about shooting those goddamned pandas.”