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Nicholas can’t take bumps like he used to, but still enjoys getting in the ring.

With his glory days in pro wrestling now far behind him, former WWE Superstar Nicholas [SURNAME UNKNOWN] finds himself performing for small crowds and dismal paydays at independent, or “indy,” wrestling shows on weekends.

Heartbreakingly similar to Mickey Rourke’s portrayal of Randy “The Ram” Robinson in The Wrestler, Nicholas is now struggling to recapture the fleeting fame he enjoyed at the pinnacle of his career during his brief-but-groundbreaking reign as a WWE tag team champion.

But fame in the squared circle is a fickle mistress, and Nicholas is now lucky to sell a few tattered 8×10 photos to fans who regard him with both nostalgia and pity.

Once his WWE career fizzled, Nicholas tried to make it in the real world, finishing seventh grade and working a normal job at a lemonade stand on his parents’ driveway, but the siren call of the squared circle beckoned him back to any small-time promotion that would book him.

Nicholas can now be seen performing at legion halls and high-school gymnasia on weekends, including these upcoming appearances:

  • April 28, Tallahassee Championship Wrestling: Nicholas vs. Brutus Beefcake (Hair vs. Hair match)
  • May 5, Des Moines Pro Wrestling, Nicholas vs. Doink #8
  • May 12, Tampa Legends of the Squared Circle Reunion, Nicholas vs. Bobby Fulton
  • May 19, Combat Zone Wrestling, Nicholas vs. Nick Gage (electrified barbed wire thumbtack razor death match)
  • May 26, Omaha Comic Book Expo, autograph signing (with Virgil)

Nicholas he still enjoys getting in the ring, and may finally retire in a few years, once he is eligible for a driver’s license.


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