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In this post-truth era, the only media you can trust anymore for fair and accurate reporting on wrestling is Kayfabe News.

The world of professional sports-entertainment is still abuzz following last week’s landmark WWE Superstar Shake-Up, yet the so-called “mainstream media” is failing to report on — or, perhaps even worse, deliberately muzzling — any news related to the important subject.

CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, the failing New York Times and other prominent outlets all seem seem to be accomplices in a media “blackout” regarding news of the Superstar Shake-Up.

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While every major outlet reports extensively on fake “sports” like football and basketball, nearly all — except for the venerable Kayfabe News and a handful of inferior others — fail to report on professional sports-entertaining unless there is a salacious scandal.

Last Monday, when the Superstar Shake-Up was underway, the mainstream media turned its attention to frivolous, unimportant topics:

  • When Jinder Mahal appeared on Raw, CNN was doing a meaningless puff piece on North Korean missile testing
  • When Natalya showed up on Raw, MSNBC was wasting time on a story about preventing e. coli outbreaks among schoolchildren
  • When The Bar moved to SmackDown, Fox News was examining the scientific connections between vaccines and austinism.

“This is just more bias from the FAKE NEWS LAMESTREAM MEDIA,” tweeted WWE Hall of Famer and wealthy golfer Donald Trump. “They didn’t even report Drew McIntyre joining Raw, or Eric Young getting called up to SmackDown. Sad.”