Embattled sports-entertainment impresario Vince McMahon had many heated rivalries during his onscreen career, and one former nemesis — the omnipotent creator of all things, God — says McMahon was “a real devil in the ring.”

McMahon and God only competed in the ring once — a tag team match in which McMahon and his son Shane earned a victory over Shawn Michaels and God — and the all-seeing all-knowing deity still regrets the loss. 

“Vince got the best of me that night,” recalls God, adding that He is “super glad” to have declined the proposed hair-versus-hair stipulation. 

McMahon recently announced his retirement from WWE amid an embarrassing scandal that God promises He didn’t orchestrate. 

Because our measly human minds are incapable of processing the immensity or power of God, He chose to reveal Himself that night in the form of a single spotlight, and left most of the wrestling to Michaels.”

“When I got in there with Vince, I was like, ‘Oh my Me, I should have trained more for this.'”

Asked if McMahon will eventually be allowed in Heaven, God said “of course he will, because Vince loves the sound of chanting, and there’s no chants in hell.”


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