Much ado has been made about the retirement of Vince McMahon, the longtime World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), but the hubbub seems overblown given that McMahon never really accomplished much in pro wrestling. 

Although McMahon occasionally portrayed the “Mr. McMahon” character on television, the real-life Vince McMahon was the exact opposite of the onscreen persona — by all accounts a shy, quiet man who maintained a hands-off approach to running WWE. 

McMahon was largely an absentee executive at WWE, showing up to quarterly board meetings but otherwise averse to getting involved with the onscreen product, devoting his passions instead to his football and curling leagues. 

“Vince McMahon is a bit player in the grand scheme of pro wrestling,” says wrestling historian and personality Jim Cornette. “McMahon be completely forgotten within a year. He is the worst person named Vince in pro wrestling, bar none.”

If McMahon is remembered for anything in the annals of pop-culture history, it will likely be for his chart-topping 1987 single, Stand Back

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