In what some pundits are describing as a retaliatory counter-attack, sports-entertainment mogul Vince McMahon has purchased NFL squad the Jacksonville Jaguars, buying it out from under his arch-nemesis Tony Khan, owner of AEW (American Extreme Wrestling) and now ROH (Ring of Horrors).

“Vince was furious that Khan bought ROH,” according to a backstage source who, for the sake of anonymity, asked to be identified only as Paul. 

Sources close to McMahon say he went on a “revenge-buying spree,” fuelled by his insatiable lust for vengeance, purchasing numerous assets of the Khan family, including: 

  • Fulham F.C., a football team owned by Tony’s father, Mongolian wrestling legend Killer Khan
  • TruMedia Networks, some engineering firm specializing in “innovative analytics solutions” and related business-babble
  • A PS5

McMahon is reportedly already in negotiations to make big-ticket purchases in this game of one-upmanship, including such wrestling promotions as Wrestling Society X, Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling, IWA-Mid South, and Juggalo Championship Wrestling. 

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