Facebook inadvertently plunged the Undertaker back into a deep depression.

Although Facebook’s year-in-review application is intended to help users reminisce on high points of 2014, for Mark “The Undertaker” Calaway it served only to remind him of his embarrassing streak-ending loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30.

According to sources close to the Undertaker, he was just starting to emerge from a morose, months-long depression when the Facebook feature — force-fed to millions of users of the social networking service — plunged him back into despair.

After looking at his year-in-review, which prominently featured photos from his landmark loss last April, the Undertaker updated his Facebook status: “Rough day feelin’ sad :-(  FML.”

Somewhat surprisingly, Undertaker has been an avid Facebook user for years, frequently tagging his wrestling friends in photo albums with fun names like “Good Times in the Fed” and “Awesome Summer!”

After the streak-ending defeat, however, he insisted he would go on a “social media cleanse” by not using his Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts for a full month. He lasted three days.

Though many have speculated that the Undertaker is officially retired from WWE, he reportedly hinted at a WrestleMania return to some chick he met the other night on Tinder.