Undertaker in tna
After nearly two decades of paying dues in WWE, The Undertaker feels ready to shine in TNA.

After two decades of honing his ring skills in the second-rate World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), The Undertaker feels he is finally ready for a tryout match with Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling.

Like most members of his profession, The Undertaker has been eking out a living in professional wrestling’s little leagues, desperately hoping to be noticed by TNA impresario Dixie Carter.

“I just need a chance to prove myself at TNA,” said the Undertaker, who has generated some minor buzz for a series of victories at WrestleMania (WWE’s low-budget answer to TNA’s Bound for Glory).

“If Dixie would just give me an opportunity, I’m sure I could be TNA champ someday.”

Sadly, only a handful of the world’s top wrestlers ever emerge from the doldrums of WWE to bask in the spotlight of TNA.

Knowing that a TNA contract might not be a sure thing — TNA has not returned his calls — The Undertaker is planning to participate in this summer’s Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) Tournament of Death.