pardon kayfabe newsNearly 16,000 fans at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre demonstrated quintessential Canadian politeness during a recent broadcast of WWE Monday Night Raw by repeatedly chanting “Pardon?”

Whereas most WWE audiences are notorious for rudely chanting “What?!” — a dimwitted tradition launched more than a decade ago by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin — the Canadian fans asked for clarification more courteously.

The Toronto crowd apparently regarded the “What?!” chant as a worn-out cliche that has drastically overstayed its welcome and become the rallying cry of dimwits unable to form an original thought.

Due to temporary amplification problems within the Air Canada Centre, however, the fans legitimately could not hear what was being said by several wrestlers in the ring, thus prompting the “pardon” chant.

Later in the broadcast, when the audio problems persisted, the fans decided to avoid becoming repetitious by launching into a different chant:

“Please repeat that (clap-clap-clapclapclap).”



pardon kayfabe news