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Total Divas has been described as “wrestling, but without the wit, intelligence, or wrestling.”

Popular “reality TV” program Total Divas, which chronicles the catty squabbles and shallow romantic escapades of WWE Divas, has been deemed the only thing on television that makes professional wrestling seem classy by comparison.

Typically, wrestling is considered a low-brow spectacle of dramatized violence, but it is practically Masterpiece Theatre compared to the empty-headed piffle of Brie Bella getting miffed at Summer Rae for being flirty with Daniel Bryan.

Even at wrestling’s most preposterous numbskullery — such as a WeeLC match between El Torito and Hornswoggle, or the notion that a gateway to Hell exists under the ring — it is far more intellectually stimulating than watching Nattie get suspicious of Eva Marie’s intentions around TJ.

Total Divas has been described by one critic as “like wrestling, but without the wit, intelligence, or wrestling.”

Although Total Divas purports to be a “reality TV” program, the obviously scripted dialogue is performed with such hamfisted delivery that even the most dimwitted wrestling fan should feel their intelligence being perpetually insulted.

Both pro wrestling and Total Divas, of course, are far more intelligent and highbrow than Nancy Grace’s self-titled CNN show.