bray wyatt funhouse
Bray Wyatt has asked parents to leave the room while he shares “special instructions” with youngsters tonight.

Members of the so-called WWE Universe are abuzz with anticipation about tonight’s episode of Firefly Fun House, featuring the charmingly amiable Bray Wyatt, which will be sandwiched somewhere in the middle of 176 minutes of less interesting programming.

Ever since his drastic transformation from hillbilly cult leader into a perfectly normal and non-threatening children’s television host, Wyatt has been the talk of the sports-entertainment industry.

“I watch WWE with my kids — they’re ages seven and four — and it’s so nice to see some wholesome, family-friendly, totally-not-terrifying content for youngsters,” said Cincinnati mother Rachel Babcock.

“I’m so glad my kids can look up to a smiling, positive, non-insane role model like Bray.”

On tonight’s fun-packed episode of Firefly Fun House, Wyatt is expected to reveal the “word of the day” (sociopath), which causes all of the nearby puppets to holler with glee and/or horror when he utters it.

Wyatt says he has a “special surprise in store for all the good boys and girls,” and swears it has nothing to do with a chainsaw or a rocking chair that rocks by itself.

Also tonight on Raw, Alexa Bliss announces something, and multiple sports-entertainers claim to be the number-one contender for some title or another.


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