Although he is too young to realize it, two-year-old Marshall McCarthy was destined to go to university until his father liquidated the child’s college fund to pay for tickets to WWE WrestleMania.

The toddler’s father, Terry McCarthy, 44, spent the entire trust fund — $44,839 — on a pair of tickets with an obstructed view of the annual sports-entertainment extravaganza (he wanted ringside seats, but that would have required re-mortgaging the family house).

Little Marshall, who just learned to say “dada,” has no idea that his father paid a premium for the tickets because they include a collectible folding chair and a lanyard, but someday he’ll wonder why his parents didn’t sock away any money for his future.

Nor does little Marshall realize how upset his daddy will be when, shortly before WrestleMania, Marshall feeds the expensive tickets to the family dog.

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