Sports-entertainment mogul Vince McMahon is making significant investments in artificial intelligence (AI) with the goal of ensuring World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is generated entirely by AI within three years.

“Quite frankly, we believe the old cliche of two human wrestlers doing battle in an actually ring is passe, quite frankly,” McMahon said a press conference this morning in Stamford, CT.

By 2026, McMahon says, all matches will be digital creations of a so-called LWLM (large-wrestling learning model), which will be beamed directly into fans’ virtual reality headsets.

The announcement is being criticized by a number of pro wrestlers, who worry that AI will put them out of work, but McMahon emphasized the move wot AI-generated matches is simply “best for business.”

“Using AI and things of that nature, we can sports-entertain at an exponential rate without needing to pay the high salaries of human superstars, quite frankly.”


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