WWE headquarters
WWE's Stamford headquarters, commonly known as Titan Tower, is the site of a mass buriel of ICOPRO.

A geographic survey of Connecticut has revealed the existence of a landfill behind World Wrestling Entertainment’s Stamford headquarters filled with roughly 3 million gallons of unsold bodybuilding supplement ICOPRO.

The ICOPRO dump has been rumored for decades, but was widely presumed to be an urban legend, much like the alleged landfill of the commercially disastrous Atari E.T. video game.

But thanks to satellite imaging and soil samples, the massive repository for ICOPRO has been confirmed.

The ICOPRO (Integrated Conditioning Program) supplements enjoyed a brief period of popularity in the early 1990s, heavily promoted through Vince McMahon’s ill-fated World Bodybuilding Federation.

Despite the product’s slogan (“You’ve Gotta Want It!”), practically nobody actually wanted it, and the manufacturer was left with tons of unsold powders and pills, which were then dumped into a deep pit behind WWE headquarters — known colloquially as Titan Tower — and covered with topsoil.

Rumors of the landfill have been circulating ever since trees and shrubs on the property grew to massive proportions in a fraction of the usual time.

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