WWE stamford
Thousands of protesters gather on the lawn of Titan Towers as part of the Occupy Stamford movement.

Thousands of angry wrestling fans descended upon Titan Tower this weekend to protest “the corporate greed and hegemony of WWE” in a movement dubbed “Occupy Stamford.”

Gathered in a makeshift tent city, some protesters held placards bearing slogans like “No more Tout” and “Make Love, Not Raw,” while others demanded that WWE chairman Vince McMahon be “fiiiiirrrrred” for unethical business practices.

“For too long, we wrestling fans have been oppressed by the corporate giant known as WWE,” said Jermaine Peters, an activist wearing a Ring of Honor t-shirt.

“It’s time for the people to rise up and demand that Vince McMahon and his corporate stooges be held accountable for their actions.”

Police have attempted to dissipate the crowd, but have been met with resistance and chants of “We’re not lea-ving (clap-clap-clapclapclap).”

Vince McMahon has yet to address the protesters, instead issuing a press release about how many Make-A-Wish visits John Cena has done, hoping to draw attention away from the Occupy Stamford movement.

Sources close to the WWE honcho report that McMahon is considering faking his own death in an elaborate limousine explosion.

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