the rock wwe injury
The Rock is reportedly suffering from “extreme exhaustion” due to the relentless schedule of title defences at non-televised WWE shows.

WWE Champion The Rock reportedly collapsed in a hotel room yesterday due to exhaustion caused by the rigors of defending his championship at nightly house shows.

The Rock has lived up to his billing as “The People’s Champ” by defending his title at every non-televised WWE event since winning the title in late January.

Like any true champion, The Rock has put his title on the line in every city on WWE’s relentless touring schedule, from Boise to Little Rock to Jacksonville to Winnipeg.

As a result, the popular superstar was briefly hospitalized for what doctors called a mixture of sleep deprivation, fatigue and dehydration.

After winning the championship, The Rock put all other TV and movie appearances on hold, and devoted himself solely to defending the coveted belt.

CM Punk, on the other hand, was notorious for only defending his championship at major pay-per-views during his reign.