Sheamus returns
Terry Taylor is looking remarkably fit, though surprisingly pale, in his return as the Red Rooster.

After a long hiatus from in-ring action, journeyman professional wrestler Terry Taylor has returned to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to revive his infamous Red Rooster gimmick.

Looking paler but more muscular than before, Taylor sneak-attacked Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler during last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Taylor, who has spent the past two decades predominantly working as a trainer and backstage agent, has grown out his beard, dyed it red, and inexplicably braided some strands of it.

“Cock-a-doodle-doooo,” proclaimed Taylor after leaving Bryan and Ziggler demolished in his wake. “I’m back.”

It is believed that Taylor has long been yearning for “one more run” to re-live the incredible success of his first tenure as the Red Rooster, and that he will be managed by a returning Bobby Heenan.

Tentative plans have him teaming up at Survivor Series with fellow returnees Skinner, Nikolai Volkoff and Demolition to square off in a “Doppelgangers Brawl” against Luke Harper, Rusev, and The Ascension.