Sheamus return
This digitally enhanced photo confirms Sheamus did indeed return at WrestleMania

Irish professional wrestler Sheamus made his much-anticipated return to WWE action at Sunday’s WrestleMania event, though the majority of fans failed to notice because he was rendered invisible by the bright sunlight that shone on the outdoor event.

Commentators and fans alike did not realize that the Celtic Warrior actually fared quite well in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, outlasting two-dozen competitors before being inadvertently knocked over the top rope by a fired-up Damien Sandow.

Due to Sheamus’ complete lack of pigment, he was indiscernible from pure white light that bathed Levi’s Stadium during the WrestleMania pre-show, and thus did not receive the hero’s welcome he had been expecting.

Only a handful of fans sitting in the first two rows at ringside reported seeing an periodic flashes of orange and green (presumably Sheamus’ hair and trunks), and hearing a disembodied voice repeatedly uttering the word “fella.”

Backstage, matchmakers scrambled to re-order the card to ensure that the Divas match, featuring milk-white Paige, occurred after the sun had begun to set.