Amid criticism that Sunday’s WWE Extreme Rules event was a far cry from extreme (given the general rule-following and sportsmanlike behaviour), World Wrestling Entertainment announced today that the event will be rebranded in 2022 as Extremely Conventional Rules. 

The event will feature all the normal rules and regulations of professional wrestling “taken to the extreme,” according to a WWE press release. 

All matches at WWE Extremely Conventional Rules will adhere to the following strict guidelines: 

  • Attacks from the top rope are strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification
  • Fighting outside the ring results in a double-disqualification
  • A pinfall victory requires a two-count, not three
  • If a non-legal partner in a tag match releases the tag rope for any reason, his/her team is disqualified
  • Absolutely no bullying, gloating, name-calling or other micro-aggressions will be tolerated
  • All matches have a 10-minute time limit, and must begin and end with a handshake and/or hug. 
  • For safety, all wrestlers will wear medical-grade face-masks and be vaccinated (against herpes, the silent pandemic of professional wrestlers everywhere)

WWE also announced today its upcoming “Hell in a Cell: UNCAGED” event, which promises all the action fans have come to expect from Hell in a Cell matches, but without the “impediment of a big cage” keeping wrestlers “trapped in one place.”


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