Mae young hand
The case of Mae vs. WWE supported women’s rights to choose not to give birth to rubber props for the amusement of half-wits.

The WWE Universe is deeply divided over the issue of prosthetic-hand-birthing by elderly women wrestlers, and a leaked opinion from the Supreme court suggests it will soon overturn the landmark decision of Mae vs. WWE.

Mae vs. WWE was a precdent-setting case during the so-called “Attitude Era” that legalized the use of unstable octogenerian women for wildly offensive storylines. 

The namesake of the existing statute, Mae Young, gave birth to a slime-covered prosthetic hand on live television in 2000 after purportedly being impregnated by Mark Henry. Yep, that all actually happened. 

A leaked excerpt from the Surpeme Court decision suggests that “maybe everybody should just forget about that whole thing forever.”


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