Despite weeks of hype and high expectations, the Super Bowl halftime performance by Lady Gaga was an amateurish, low-budget fizzle compared to the unforgettable, stirring performance by Machine Gun Kelly at WrestleMania 28.

Lady Gaga’s listless, underwhelming performance — featuring a pair of bored-looking dancers holding sparklers — should not even be mentioned in the same breath as Machine Gun Kelly’s universally beloved rendition of “Invincible.”

Football fans booed and hurled garbage at GaGa while she lip-synched and gyrated her flabby hips, as opposed to the 1.5 million wrestling fans packed into Florida’s Sun Life Stadium in 2012, who showered the incomparable Kelly with cheers and flowers.

WrestleMania has an impeccable track record of stellar musical performances, ranging from jazz (Saliva) to classical (Flo Rida) to opera (Sean Diddy Combs).

The Super Bowl, meanwhile, is an annual parade of musical has-beens and never-weres, like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and The Who.

Although the musical guest at this year’s WrestleMania has not yet been confirmed, many music aficionados believe it might be the greatest ensemble of the century, Nickelback.

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