braun stromwan workout
Braun Strowman (front-left, beside best friend Gladys Polfuss), says “If you can survive 30 minutes of Aqua-Fit at the Tallahassee Community Pool, you can flip a truck!”

Professional wrestler Braun Strowman, who has demonstrated supernatural feats of strength overturning trucks,  pianos and (rather less impressively) a tricycle, told Men’s Health magazine this week that his incredible power comes from weekly Aqua-Fit classes at his local community center pool.

“Golly, what a workout that is!” Strowman says in the interview. “Jackie, the instructor, she’s a real drill-sergeant! After 10 minutes of shallow-end lunge-twists, I’m tuckered out!”

Strowman attends the Aqua-Fit classes with the several members of his bridge club — Gladys Polfuss (age 78), Henry McGovern (age 71), and Robert Backlund (age 69) — with whom he also enjoys birdwatching on Sundays, weather permitting.

When Strowman started attending Aqua-Fit lessons three years ago, he weighed a measly 167 pounds and could barely flip over a LEGO ambulance, let alone the real thing. Nowadays, thanks to Aqua-Fit and “cutting down on sweets,” he’s a monster among men (and a force to be reckoned with on the lawn bowling green).

He says the low-impact workout is “easy on the joints, a lot of fun, and gets me out of the house to socialize with friends. Healthy body, healthy mind — that’s my motto!”