tna final deletion
Stephen Spielberg (inset) insists his upcoming big-screen adaptation of Final Deletion will be “almost as good as the original.”

Hollywood is abuzz today following the news that legendary filmmaker Stephen Spielberg has signed on to direct a big-screen adaptation of Final Deletion, the twisted saga of Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Production on set to begin on the film, tentatively titled Final Deletion: A New Hopein early 2018, with an estimated budget of $800 million.

Spielberg is the highest-grossing director in film history, whose films — E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Saving Private Ryan, No Holds Barred, The Chaperone — combine epic storytelling with rich morality lessons, much like the tale of Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero.

Although details are sketchy, a leaked cast list reveals a who’s-who of Hollywood A-Listers in starring roles, including:

  • Ryan Gosling as Jeff Hardy
  • Gary Busey as Matt Hardy
  • Miley Cyrus as Reby Sky
  • Hornswoggle as Baby Maxel

According to Hollywood sources, the rights to the film were subject to an intense bidding war, with Spielberg winning the rights to Final Deletion, while JJ Abrams successfully bid on the big-screen adaptation of the Vader’s White Castle of Fear.