Spanish announcers wwe
WWE’s Spanish announce team has reportedly added steel reinforcements to the underside of their table.

Carlos Cabrera and Marcelo Rodriguez, the Spanish-language commentators for World Wrestling Entertainment, have reportedly taken workplace safety grievances into their own hands by reinforcing their announce table.

Having apparently reached the end of their patience after years of having their table destroyed by wrestlers, the duo was recently spotted affixing steel beams and girders to the underside of their table.

The commentators claim that their repeated requests for a stronger table have been repeatedly ignored at WWE headquarters, which they chalk up to workplace discrimination due to racism.

The Spanish announce table has been destroyed, according to conservative estimates, roughly 750 times over the past two decades.By comparison, the English announce table has been demolished a paltry 163 times.

According to backstage sources, manager Zeb Colter was recently spotted secretly removing all the reinforcements from under the table.