john cena nikki bella
John Cena and Nikki Bella employ a form of birth control they’ve named “The False Finish.”

Professional wrestler John Cena has, on many intimate occasions during his high-profile romance with WWE Diva Nikki Bella, avoided impregnating his girlfriend by pulling out at two.

The couple, whose relationship has been prominently portrayed on the “Reality TV” show Total Divas, have enjoyed frequent sessions of lovemaking as part of Cena’s rehabilitation from a torn triceps muscle.

Cena has a peculiar fetish that involves counting backwards from 10 aloud as he approaches sexual climax, and preventing unwanted pregnancy by always pulling out at two.

Cena has nicknamed the birth-control technique, which is technically known as coitus interruptus, the “False Finish.”

Sometimes the technique backfires, however, and Cena is unable to reach climax, at which point he takes matters into his own hands with a technique known as the “five-knuckle shuffle.”