raw crowd
Fans are expected to be disappointingly meek at tonight’s Smackdown taping.

More than 12,000 wrestling fans who will attend a live taping of WWE Smackdown tonight are looking forward to being quiet, well-mannered and hugely disappointing compared to last night’s boisterous Raw audience in New Jersey.

“I hope it’s not too noisy, because I’m getting over an ear infection,” said one fan who lined up early outside Boston’s TD Garden.

“And I’m pretty short, so I hope the people in front of me don’t stand up.”

Whereas the audience at Raw was noteworthy for its collective enthusiasm and incessant chanting, the Smackdown audience in Boston is expected to be made up mostly of young children who will cheer John Cena and boo Dolph Ziggler, but otherwise remain mostly silent.

A small contingent of hardcore fans is traveling from New Jersey to Boston today, and they mistakenly believe they’ll be able to get the entire Smackdown crowd to sing along to Fandango’s theme song.

Smackdown will air on Friday night, at which point fans worldwide will dejectedly sigh in unison.