After months of advance hype from her brother Bray Wyatt, the elusive Sister Abigail is set to make her debut this weekend on popular reality TV show Total Divas.

Sister Abigail (front, ghastly) will make her Total Divas debut this Sunday on E!.

Sister Abigail is an unconventional choice for the show, because she doesn’t fit the “Barbie Doll” archetype of the other female WWE wrestlers on the show, given that she has a deathly pallor and blackened soul.

Bray Wyatt, an enigmatic hillbilly with a penchant for children’s hymns, announced Sister Abigail’s impending debut by igniting an oil lantern and whispering: “Total Divas — she’s here.”

Sister Abigail serves as a kind of spiritual advisor to Wyatt, helping him spread his so called “message” (a cryptic creed that apparently has something to do with frightening John Cena). Little more is known about Sister Abigail, except that her touch could save the world, but her kiss burns it to the ground.

In the already-taped episodes of Total Divas, Sister Abigail provides a much needed change of pace from the usual catty squabbles and petty romantic foibles of the show.  For example:

  • In episode 24, Sister Abigail interrupts a quarrel between Eva and Nattie by eviscerating and consuming a racoon
  • In episode 26, a bikini posedown between Brie and Summer Rae is disrupted when Sister Abigail vomits a soupy green substance while her head rotates a full 360 degrees
  • In the season finale, all the other Divas mysteriously vanish and the show fades to black with Sister Abigail grinning menacingly into the camera.

At this point, it seems unlikely Total Divas will return for a fourth season.