Roman reigns
Superman demonstrates the proper way to punch.

Superman, a Krypton native who attained fame fighting crime in Metropolis, has sent a “cease and desist” order to WWE wrestler Roman Reigns, insisting that Reigns’ so-called “Superman Punch” is misleadingly named.

“I’ve punched lots of guys, from Lex Luthor to General Zod and Metallo, but I’ve never done that silly flailing punch that Reigns does,” said Superman. “It’s all wrong.”

Superman insists that he always punches people with feet firmly planted, hips twisting for torque.

Superman said Reigns’ misuse of the name constitutes copyright infringement of a DC Comics trademark, and also implies that Superman punches like a mere mortal.

“I can fly, for crying out loud, so why would I just jump into a punch?” said the charter member of the Justice League. “It makes no sense.”

Some sources close to Superman say he is just being snarky because he’s a fan of Batista.