security guards wwe
Security guards on Raw have a terrible track record of providing actual security.

A six-man crew of security guards hired to provide protection for a controversial star at a recent WWE event failed to provide any actual security, which surprised no one.

The guards were ostensibly on hand event to protect Paul Heyman, who was trying to avoid being attacked by one of the many enemies he has made within the organization.

The security guards, clad in black t-shirts bearing the word “SECURITY” in white block letter across the back, looked imposing but seemed to lack any formal security training or bodyguarding abilities.

When Triple-H charged down the aisle to attack Heyman, the security guards provided almost no resistance, each crumbling like an autumn leaf after a single punch.

Several fans in the audience pointed out that the security guards looked an awful lot like some local wrestlers who performed at a nearby high school the previous weekend.