WWE Raw bowling

World Wrestling Entertainment announced today that it will continue diversifying its entertainment options with on-air activities including bowling, a bingo tournament and games of horseshoes.

After decades of primarily showcasing professional wrestling matches, WWE expanded its repertoire this past Monday night to include a tug-of-war contest and a dance-off.

The new features proved enormously popular with WWE fans, according to Blake Jenkins, Vice-President of Marketing and Propaganda for the sports entertainment juggernaut.

“Our market research shows that 100 percent of the WWE Universe enjoyed watching The Great Khali dance on wobbly legs with Natalya,” said Jenkins.

“Future episodes of raw will feature more fun content including games of volleyball, ring toss and Trivial Pursuit.

WWE denies allegations that thousands of fans on Twitter called the tug-of-war contest on this week’s Raw “boring” and “unwatchable.”

“Those Twitter accounts were clearly hacked to spread false rumors,” replied Jenkins. “Mark our words: everyone will love next week’s showdown between Ryback and Mark Henry at a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.”