The merger of UFC and WWE is complete: Endeavor and WWE announced the close of their deal to create TKO Group Holdings — and the mastermind behind the plan turns out to be media mogul Ted Turner.

In what many Wall Street pundits are describing as “epic corporate revenge,” Turner seems to have orchestrated the merger of UFC and WWE as retaliation against his former nemesis, WWE honcho Vince McMahon.

“I’m back in the rasslin’ business,” said Turner this morning at the New York Stock Exchange. “And now I’m in the ultimate fightin’ business too!” Turner then hollared “yee-haw” while firing a pair of revolvers into the air.

McMahon appears to have been duped by a classic “swerve” — the kind he would have crafted himself in his craftier days — and admitted that “Ted has finally won the Monday Night Wars.”


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