z-pak wwe
Sean Waltman hopes Z-Pac, his 173rd ring name, will be the one that really catches on.

Hoping to capitalize on the newfound notoriety of Zithromax Z-Pak azithromycin antibiotics among wrestling fans, longtime pro wrestler Sean Waltman is set to make his WWE return under the monicker Z-Pac.

Waltman, who last wrestled in WWE under the name X-Pac, believes that naming himself after an antibiotic — which was reportedly force-fed to CM Punk to make him stop complaining about a potentially lethal infection — will immediately establish him a top star.

It is believed that Waltman’s new gimmick will involve his portrayal of an evil representative of “Big Pharma,” which will generate plenty of “heel heat” (as opposed to the less desirable “X-Pac heat”).

A new monicker is nothing new for Waltman, who has previously portrayed characters including The Lightning Kid, The Kamikaze Kid, The 1-2-3 Kid, Syxx, Syxx-Pac, Gross Porno Guy, Seven-Pac, and Runt of the Cliq.

He is expected to feud with Zack Ryder, who will be rebranded as Long Island Iced Z-Pak.