sandow you're welcome
Damien Sandow committed a rookie spelling mistake, undermining his claims to be intellectually superior.

Despite his boastful claims of intellectual superiority, Damien Sandow committed a rudimentary spelling error when he wrote his own trademark phrase as “Your welcome,” instead of using the contraction “you’re.”

Although he describes himself as an “intellectual savior of the masses,” Sandow has begun to make blunders that have led many observers to question such assertions.

In a recent tweet, Sandow made a number of spelling and grammatical errors that indicate, at best, a fifth-grade literacy level.

“I think its (sic) time for me to prove to teh (sic) WWE Universe that their (sic) misundestimating (sic) me, as I am there (sic) intellectual saviore (sic). Your (sic) welcome!”

Some fans have speculated that Sandow is not actually a high-brow intellectual, but rather an ignoramus athlete who play-fights greased-up musclemen in spandex.


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