Feed me more
Elliott Jenkins thinks Ryback probably has more than enough food.

Elliott Jenkins, a 67-year-old homeless man living in the dumpster behind a Tampa-area Walmart, was pleased to discover today that he shares a catchphrase with WWE superstar Ryback.

“I’ve been saying ‘feed me more’ for years,” said Jenkins, who recently stumbled across a discarded Ryback poster while sifting through trash for scrap aluminum.

“Well, I guess I was ahead of the trend.”

Jenkins can’t quite figure out why Ryback has borrowed his mantra, since the 300-pound wrestler appears to be extremely well fed.

“That guy must eat ten meals a day,” said Jenkins, whose last meal was a half-eaten Whopper he found last Thursday under a parked car.

Jenkins and Ryback don’t share any other similarities, aside from their mutual inability to draw money.


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