Sting triple h
Sting (left) confirmed that RoboCop (centre) will accompany him when he faces Triple H (holding microphone under large nose).

Iconic professional wrestler Sting confirmed today that he will have an “insurance policy” in his corner for his much-hyped match against Triple H at WrestleMania this month: cybernetic police officer RoboCop.

At a press conference this morning, Sting revealed Robocop will “enforce the law” if any member of The Authority attempts to interfere during the showdown.

RoboCop, which was created by the greedy Omni Consumer Products corporation using┬áthe bullet-riddled remains of fallen Detroit cop Alex J. Murphy, did not appear at the press conference, but tweeted “Affirmative” regarding his role as Sting’s corner-man.

The WrestleMania pairing of Sting and RoboCop will be a reunion for the duo, who haven’t seen each other since the WCW Capital Combat event in 1990, when RoboCop rescued Sting from a cage, in which he had been imprisoned by the Four Horsemen.

Although Triple H has not publicly commented on the RoboCop’s involvement in WrestleMania, sources within WWE reveal that he plans to be accompanied to the ring by ED-209.