decapitated wrestler
Kenny Omega (left, headless) managed to still eke out a victory.

Despite suffering what many viewers believed was a terrible bump — losing his entire head after a particularly stiff superkick — professional wrestler Kendrick “Kenny” Omega was nevertheless cleared by an AEW medic to complete the match.

After Omega’s head landed with a thud on the timekeeper’s table, his torso and limbs bravely continued the match, though with a rushed finish that saw Omega win via a feeble schoolboy rollup.

Omega’s head was placed in a cooler of ice and was reattached during a “routine” surgery at a local medical facility, but some critics are criticizing AEW staff for allowing Omega to continue after clearly suffering a serious head trauma.

Witnesses close to the ring say Omega’s head shouted several times that it wanted to finish the match, at one point gargling “the show must go on.”

Omega’s decapitation is not the first in professional wrestling; older fans may remember the incident chronicled in the Oscar-winning docudrama, Grunt! The Wrestling Movie.

While Omega’s tenacious professionalism should be applauded, brain injury experts say the head should be detached from the body for less than a minute at a time, whereas Omega was allowed to compete for nearly five more minutes.

Omega is expected to miss up the three weeks of in-ring action while he rehabs his reattached head, which, due to an unfortunate clerical error, was reattached to his left buttock.


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