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Terry Darby reckons with the knowledge, just bestowed upon him by a fellow bar-goer, that wrestling may not be a legitimate sporting competition.

While enjoying an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw on the television above the bar, local wrestling fan Terry Darby was shocked and distraught when a fellow bar-goer revealed that professional wrestling is a “fake” sport. 

“My whole life, I believed wrestling was a legitimate sporting competition,” said Darby, 44, “but now I’m not so sure, since a random guy at a bar made a snide comment on his way to the bathroom. 

The clever stranger, who was at Gameday Sports Pub to watch football on a different television, described professional wrestling as a “soap opera for men.”

Devastated, Darby spent the rest of the evening looking back at his years of watching wrestling, kicking himself for failing to see that it is, according to the guy at the bar, “so phony.”

“I mean, look at those punches — they’re barely touching each other,” said the man, loud enough to be heard by everyone else in the establishment. “And that ring is like a big trampoline.”

Having established his intellectual superiority over the wrestling fans at the bar, the man then spent fours hours getting drunk yelling at a screen while two teams moved an oval ball back and forth on a large lawn. 


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