mysterio eye real
Look what you did to Rey Mysterio. When will enough be enough to satisfy your bloodlust?

WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio may never sports-entertain again after losing his eyesight in a gruesome spectacle to satiate the bloodlust of you morally repugnant sadists who were “entertained” by it.

You, WWE viewer, have Mysterio’s blood on your hands. His eye goo too, all over your hands. You should be ashamed.

YOU allowed this to happen. YOU are the fickle audience who incessantly wants more thrills, more danger. Well a man is blind now. A good man. A man who dedicated his life to entertaining you. And this is the thanks you give him? You tune in on TV to witness his ocular tragedy?

Have you no decency?

Mysterio will never see his son Dominick get married. He’ll never watch Dominick win the Universal Championship by defeating Brock Lesnar Jr. at WrestleMania 48.

And don’t try to defend yourself by saying you wanted Seth Rollins to lose an eye. That’s just as bad. Well, almost as bad.

Whatever happened to pinfalls and submissions? What happened to your conscience?

Go to your room.

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