Mick foley ear
Mick Foley shows off the only injury he sustained during his in-ring career.

Legendary professional wrestler and hardcore legend Mikhail “Mick” Foley says he cannot bring himself to watch tonight’s WWE Horror Show at Extreme Rules, fearing the main event “Eye for an Eye” match will spark painful memories of his loss in a 1994 “Ear for an Ear” Match.

Foley lost most of his right ear during a match against Vader (real name Big Van White) during the 1994 WCW pay-per-view event called The Terror Show at Bash at the Beach.

The stipulation of the match — that it could only be won by one competitor removing another’s ear — was the result of Vader callously shoving Foley’s ear into the steel ring steps, while his son Dewey watched helplessly nearby.

Foley was temporarily deafened by the attack, and vowed to remove Vader’s ear as revenge. Vader, who had already nearly lost an eye during another match, was unwilling to lose a sensory organ, and fought viciously.

After a brutal back-and-forth bout, in which the grapplers attacked one another’s ears with figure-four-earlocks and wet willies, Vader managed to remove Foley’s ear “hardway” — by entangling Foley’s head between the top and middle rope.

“I lost the match, and my ear, fair and square,” said Foley. “Rules are rules.”

Asked what it felt like to have his ear ripped off, Foley replied: “Pardon?”

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