Mae young dead
Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah are raising hell in heaven.

The greatest female tag team in professional wrestling history, Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah, have reunited in Heaven to raise a lot of hell.

The team, which broke up in 2007 when Moolah embarked on a solo career in the Great Beyond, reunited last night when Young decided — after no-selling to the Grim Reaper last week — to slip her mortal coil.

Young immediately began making waves in the Kingdom of Heaven, first allowing herself to be powerbombed by St. Peter off the top of the Pearly Gates onto a table on the cloud below.

To St. Peter’s amazement, Young kicked out at two, swiveled her hips and slapped the saint upside the halo before strutting through the Gates of Heaven.

When Moolah and Young reunited amid a fanfare of harp music and pyro of unimaginable brightness, they embarked on a hellraising rampage of brawling, boozing, and sublimely entertaining an audience of thousands of angels.

The duo then helped Rick Rude take his robe off, stole a car with Eddie Guerrero, untied Andre the Giant from some ring ropes in which he had become entangled, and pulled a hilarious rib with Owen Hart.

“Rest in peace my ass,” proclaimed Young. “It’s time to have some fun again.”


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