rick rude wwe deadSources in heaven tell Kayfabe News that “Ravishing” Rick Rude frequently insists that male angels, souls and other ethereal beings be quiet while he takes his robe off.

“What I want right now is for all you cherubic, winged, harp-playing heavenly hobos to be quiet while I take my robe off and show all the lady angels what a real man looks like,” Rude reportedly said yesterday.

Rude then proceeded to remove his sequin-bedazzled robe to unveil his perfectly sculpted, disembodied body.

The male souls in heaven reportedly booed loudly, while many of their female companions shrieked and strummed their harps in delight.

Immediately following Rude’s posedown, a brouhaha erupted after he was hit with a piece of chewing gum swatted at him by the soul of Curt Hennig.