rolins mcintyre twins
Drew McIntyre (left) will reunited with twin brother Seth Rollins (right) on Raw.

Fans of professional sports-entertainment may want to keep some tissues handy tonight, because tears will certainly flow when Seth Todd Rollins is finally reunited with his identical twin brother, who was raised by extended family in Scotland.

Gary “Drew” Rollins was separated from twin brother Seth shortly after their birth, as the Rollins family did not have the financial means to care for both boys, and Gary was raised by his aunt and uncle, Bonnie and Hamish McIntyre in Ayrshire.

Gary took the name “Drew McIntyre” in grade school to avoid bullying, while his twin brother overseas changed his middle name from Todd to Freakin’, because he thought it sounded cooler.

Although Seth and Drew have tried in the past to look less alike — Seth once had blond streak in his hair that made him look like an amorous French cat trying to woo an attractive female skunk — they now look completely identical.

They will see each other for the first time in decades tonight on Raw — and who knows, they might even wrestle one another, which would be a monumental showdown akin to Undertaker versus Fake Undertaker.

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