lonzo raw
These men seem to be involved with hockey or rugby or somesuch.

WWE Monday Night Raw has a long history of guest appearances by celebrities and sportsmen, and last night was no exception, when LaVar Somebody, Gonzo Bawl, and [SPORTSMAN 3] confronted The Miz. 

The sportsman, who seem to play with a squadron called “The Makers,” seemed to be recognized by the Los Angeles crowd, which means The Makers are probably a local sporting team. 

The segment drew controversy after one of the sportsmen used a racial slur, which we did not hear because we were flipping channels hoping to God that Nitro was somehow back on the air. 

World Wrestling Entertainment apologized for the inappropriate language, but inexplicably failed to apologize to its audience for a nine-minute segment involving tall, boring people who have nothing to do with wrestling. 

We’re not positive, but we think one of the sportsmen might be the former host of Reading Rainbow. 

It is unknown whether the trio of sportspeople will appear on WWE programming again, though it’s almost a sure thing that they’ll end up in the WWE Hall of Fame for some reason.