glow netflixGLOW, the new hit series on Netflix, chronicles the history of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a 1980s wrestling phenomenon that paved the way present-day superstars like James Ellsworth. 

The critically acclaimed series depicts the sexism and discrimination that a handful of women overcame in the sport of professional wrestling, breaking down barriers so that future stars like Santina and Mae Young’s Baby Hand could succeed. 

“Without GLOW, there would be no Total Divas, so we wouldn’t have stars like John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Tyson Kidd,” writes wrestling historian Dan Mutzler. 

GLOW was an underground phenomenon in the 1980s, garnering widespread attention and success thanks to the brilliance of its creator, David McLane (who also starred in the series as “Ring Announcer”). 

With Ellsworth as the “face of the Women’s Division,” there’s no telling how many men will benefit from the “revolution” underway in women’s wrestling.