To Catch a Predator
Randy Orton is questioned by Chris Hansen in hidden-camera footage on Dateline NBC’s “To Catch an Apex Predator.”

Professional wrestler Randy Orton has been caught in a sting operation by Dateline NBC’s popular hidden-camera show “To Catch an Apex Predator.”

When he was nabbed, Orton was visiting the house of a young man with whom he had been chatting in an online forum.

Though Orton insisted he came over “just to hang out for a while,” he was suspected of plotting a surprise RKO out of nowhere on the young man.

Hidden cameras rolled as Dateline NBC reporter Chris Hansen surprised Orton by striding into the room and asking in a smarmy tone: “What are you doing here, Randy?”

Confused, Orton stammered that he was just “popping by to say hi,” and then got up to leave, but was suddenly cornered by a film crew.

Hansen continued to pepper Orton with questions and accusations: “I have the transcripts of your online chat, Randy. You’re here to give this young man an RKO, aren’t you? Admit it. It’s right here in the transcripts.”

Orton tried to flee the scene, but was apprehended by police, who dropped him off at Vince McMahon’s house for a stern lecture.