Santino cobra
Santino Marella was investigated for sexual harassment after he innocently asked a woman if she’d like to see his cobra.

An alarmed woman alerted the security guards at a New York City nightclub after she misinterpreted Santino Marella’s offer to “whip out the cobra.”

Seeing the look of horror on the woman’s face, Santino immediately tried to explain his intent, but his charmingly haphazard English only made the problem worse.

“No, no, you misunderstanded!” said Santino.

“What I mean is, I shall reach into my trousers and pull out my stretchy snake. I like to smack people in the face with it!”

The woman screamed, which only flustered Santino more, prompting him to add: “You’ll like it — it’s the size of my arm!”

A police investigation is underway. Meanwhile, Santino has sought advice from Scott 2 Hotty, who has frequently faced dirty looks and hurtful laughter after asking women if they’d like to see his worm.