trump statue
The statue of Donald Trump may soon be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame, if a bunch of triggered lib cuck snowflakes get their way.

Hundreds of fans of professional wrestling are expected to hold a protest at this weekend’s SummerSlam event in an attempt to convince World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to remove a statue of US President Donald Trump from the prestigious Celebrity Wing of its renowned Hall of Fame. 

The statue has been at the centre of heated debate and controversy this week, as many feel the statue celebrates a shameful period in WWE’s past, epitomized by Trump’s utter inability to convincingly take and sell a Stone Cold Stunner

Installed in the Hall of Fame after Trump’s Hall of Fame induction in 2013, the statue depicts Trump stark naked, his tiny flaccid genitalia symbolic of the minuscule contributions he actually made to the legacy of professional wrestling. 

The WWE Hall of Fame — a gleaming, 200,000-square-foot cathedral to professional wrestling — is a major tourist attraction in [LOCATION], but a growing number of critics say its statuary glorifies the wrong types of people, including heels, bad guys, hitmen, and evil foreigners. 

The statue of Sgt. Slaughter, for example, is believed by many to  glorify a former traitor who colluded with Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War. 

The removal of the Trump statue has, however, been met with fierce opposition from the so-called “alt-heel” movement, who arrived at the Hall of Fame last night carrying tiki torches and chanting: “Trump is awe-some (clap-clap-clapclapclap).” 


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