Harvard paleontologists carefully unearthing the Funkasaurus bones.

A team of Harvard paleontologists on a dig in the Nevada badlands has unearthed the skeleton of a rare Funkasaurus buried deep in clay.

The discovery comes after weeks of anticipation, during which the researchers were teased with tiny glimpses of the Funkasaurus but were unable to find the entire specimen.

When they finally discovered the full Funkasaurus two weeks ago, the scientists were unanimously surprised by the nature of the creature.

“It certainly wasn’t what we were expecting,” said team leader Dr. Leonard Andrews.

“We had anticipated a much more aggressive, lumbering beast, but the physiology of the skelton suggests it was quite nimble-footed and moved with an almost rhythmic gait, despite its considerable girth.”

Particularly surprising was the sediment in which the bones were found — a thick layer of dark clay known as the Broduscous zone.

“The entire discovery is very exciting and unexpected,” said Andrews. “I’m so thrilled by it, I’m going to call my momma.”