Nicolai volkoff russian national anthem
Nikolai Volkoff will sing the Russian national anthem in Sochi — and, for the first time in his life, probably won’t get booed for it.

The International Olympic Committee confirmed this morning that veteran professional wrestler Nikolai Volkoff will sing the Russian national anthem at the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Russia.

Volkoff, a classically trained baritone whose performance of “Cara Mia”  on The Wrestling Album won a 1986 Slammy Award for “Most Ignominious Performance,” said he is honored to perform his country’s national anthem at such a historic occasion.

Volkoff attempted to sing the Russian national anthem before hundreds of wrestling matches, but was typically booed by disrespectful fans or sneak-attacked by patriotic American opponents.

The Opening Ceremonies may, in fact, be the first occasion in Volkoff’s career for which the singing of the national anthem will be appropriate and well-received.

The honor comes at an important time in Volkoff’s career, having recently reached low-point by wrestling Bobby Fulton at at independent wrestling event with no ring.

The Olympic Opening Ceremonies are expected to revive Volkoff’s wrestling and singing careers — unless, of course, Hacksaw Jim Duggan blindsides him with a two-by-four, which is pretty much guaranteed.