NXT fan
NXT's sole fan, Ted Burwitz, watches an online broadcast of the otherwise unwatched wrestling program.

The producers of NXT Redemption, a spin-off program in which rookie wrestlers vie for a spot on the WWE roster, vow to give the show’s fan exactly what he wants.

“WWE has always been a fan-friendly product, and the NXT brand is no different,” publicist Kevin Taylor said in a press release.

“So we’re listening to our fan — 22-year-old Ted Burwitz of Lincoln, Nebraska — and giving him precisely the kind of hard-hitting sports entertainment he has come to expect from NXT.”

Burwitz, a part-time Denny’s bus boy with a hearing impairment, has become a kind of one-man focus group for the producers of NXT programming. His preferences, hunches and whims have largely guided the course of NXT over the past several seasons.

Notable for having launched the WWE careers of superstars including Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan, NXT has seen declining viewership in recent seasons, with Gurwitz now the brand’s sole remaining fan.

When contacted by Kayfabe News, Gurwitz said he is a fan of NXT because “the ring looks different than usual” and because “Hornswoggle is sometimes on it.”